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Памятки для владельцев щенков: как кормить, как ухаживать, как воспитывать и т.п.
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Кормление натуралкой


Кормление щенков:





Таблица кормления взрослых:



At weaning stage I use Fish 4 Dogs salmon moose – its a good consistency and pups can lap at it – if its too hard for them, water it down using goats milk. Also, goats milk and weetabix. I start introducing the meats at about 5 wks. I start with 5 or 6 meals a day – all milky to start with and then start getting some routine (4 meals) at about 7 wks. At 8 weeks they are still on 4 meals and by 12 wks I drop to three – they stay on 3 till 6 mths and then 2 as per my adults.

Quantities are really hard to gauge, I have never measured what I feed and broken it down per pup. But all the literature I have read says that pups require 10% of their body weight per day – so a 10lb pup would require 1lb of food each day!
I stock up on all products and freeze them all too (apart from the eggs – they go peculiar!)



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